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About Levi Cosijn  

I have been drawn to the metaphysical since early on and started exploring it more seriously during my formal years. I wanted to experience for myself and find out whether there was any validity in what the culture I grew up in had such great resistance towards, often ridiculed and even demonized. 

I studied Psychology at University for some time and I was particularly fascinated by the writings of Carl Gustav Jung. I am a fervent reader of his writings. I switched over to Music studies in which I received an M.A. 

When I was studying at the Music Conservatory in 2002 my brother invited me to a workshop that turned out to be an occult ceremony. I had been interested in the subject for some time and was rather surprised to hear that there were people performing ceremonies in the country I lived. I didn't know what to expect and I felt nervously excited. The ceremony was led by a woman who had lived for many years in the closed Crow Creek Reservation of the Hunkpati-clan in South-Dakota, and had been "initiated" there.  This experience instantly and completely changed my life.

Somewhere along that time frame I discovered the writings of Alice A. Bailey during a travel in India. Bailey was a contemporary of Jung and wrote a number of books on occult subjects like full moon meditation, the nature of the soul, etc. My attention gradually shifted more to the practice of meditation. 

In 2006 astrology found me and gradually revealed its secrets and powerful message. I consider myself privileged to have been a student of KN Rao. After having spent some time with him at the school for Hindu astrology: 'Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan' in New Delhi, my knowledge increased and my predictive skills improved substantially. It was after this period I decided to devote myself much more seriously to the study of astrology.

I offer readings and teach astrology to students who are eager to learn about this amazingly mysterious, complex and powerful Yoga. I take examining a chart very seriously and I analyse questions people ask me wholeheartedly. Please allow some time for scheduling a Zoom session up to several weeks in advance. I do not deliver written horoscopes. All readings are done via Zoom and will be recorded. 


Thank you.

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