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About Levi Cosijn  

I have been drawn to the metaphysical since early on and started exploring it more seriously during my formal years. I wanted to experience for myself and find out whether there was any validity in what the culture I grew up in had such great resistance towards, often ridiculed and even demonized. 

I studied Psychology at University for some time and I was particularly fascinated by the writings of Carl Gustav Jung. I am a fervent reader of his writings. I switched over to Music studies in which I received an M.A. 


In 2006 astrology found me and gradually revealed its secrets and powerful message. I consider myself privileged to have been a student of KN Rao. After having spent some time with him at the school for Hindu astrology: 'Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan' in New Delhi I decided to devote myself much more seriously to the study of astrology.

Human Design came into my life through my wife, who is a Manifestor, and instantly and completely changed my life. I have been deeply absorbed by it for many years. 

I have been offering Human Design and Astrology readings for over a decade. I teach both disciplines to students who are eager to learn about these mysterious, complex and powerful metaphysical systems. I take examining a chart very seriously and I analyze questions people ask me wholeheartedly.

I use Human Design as the foundation for any astrological assessment - the Horoscope is always analyzed within the context of Type, Strategy and Inner Authority.


Please allow some time for scheduling a Zoom session up to seven days in advance. I do not deliver written horoscopes. All readings are done via Zoom and will be recorded. 

Thank you.

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