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A Weekend Dive into Human Design: Unravel Your Unique Path

on June 22, 23 in SLOVENIA

Human Design (HD) is a metaphysical research system that offers a synthesis of various ancient wisdoms, including the Chinese I CHING, Astrology, Kabbalah, and the Hindu Chakra system. What truly sets this system apart is its integration of contemporary insights and scientific knowledge. HD provides an empirical framework for experimentation and gaining profound self-understanding. Curious about what makes you unique? HD not only reveals your uniqueness but also offers strategies for more effective choices, leading to greater peace, satisfaction, success, or surprise - depending on your specific type.

Why Human Design? What makes it so unique?

Human Design goes beyond conventional self-discovery systems, offering:

  • Deep Self-understanding: Learn about your unique personality by understanding your Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, and Profile.

  • Practical Applicability: Receive concrete strategies for making more effective choices in all aspects of life.

  • Enriched Relationships: Understand the dynamics between different Types and improve your interactions with others.

  • Children and Parenting: Discover how Human Design can assist parents in understanding and supporting their children better.

Special Section on Astrology by Slovenian astrologer Rok Koritnik:

There will be a section dedicated to Astrology, focusing particularly on the Astrological Planets, taught by Rok Koritnik.

Crucial Concepts: Self and Not-Self, Conditioning and Deconditioning

An essential aspect of Human Design is understanding 'the Self' and 'the Not-Self'. HD teaches that a person can make choices from the Self or the Not-Self. This may sound simple, but the implications are profound. According to HD, the mind and thought process are not meant to make life decisions. During the workshop, we will delve into these concepts and explore how choices made from the Self lead to greater alignment and joy.

Another key concept is conditioning and deconditioning. Human Design suggests that we all are influenced by external pressures and expectations, leading to conditioning. Deconditioning means letting go of these external influences to return to our authentic Self. In the workshop, we will explore how you can decondition and move towards a life more in line with your true nature.

Topics Covered:

  • Different Types: Discover your essence as Manifestor, Generator, Projector, or Reflector and understand the unique characteristics and strategies associated with your type.

  • Strategies and Inner Authorities: Learn how to make decisions that align with your authentic self, based on your specific strategy and inner authority.

  • Profiles: Learn more about your Profile and how it influences your personality and life experience.

  • Definitions: Dive into the complexity of different definition patterns and understand how these affect your interactions with others.

  • Channels: Unlock the meaning of the energy channels shaping your life path.

In this workshop, we will cover most of these concepts, with a special focus on the different Types, Strategies, Inner Authorities, Profiles and Definitions. We will also clarify the basic concepts of the Self and Not-Self, conditioning, and deconditioning from multiple angles.

The workshop is practical and interactive, with your personal charts analyzed for immediate insights. No prior knowledge of astrology or Human Design is required.

Special Opportunity: You can enroll for either Day 1 or Day 2 separately.

  • Day 1 (June 22): Focus on Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, and delve into the crucial concepts of 'Self and Not-Self' and 'Conditioning and Deconditioning'.

  • Day 2 (June 23): Delve into Profile, Definitions, and further explore 'Conditioning and Deconditioning'.

Understanding Human Design not only brings a positive shift to your life but also enriches relationships with those around you. For parents, this is a unique opportunity to gain insight into their children's unique paths.

Date: Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, 2024, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Instructors: Levi Cosijn and Rok Koritnik

What to Bring: Pen and paper. Please bring a packed lunch - coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided.


  • For One-Day Enrollment: €150

  • For Full Weekend: €200

Registration: send an email to

Please bring exact change.

Send your date, time, and place of birth in advance to so I can prepare your individual chart.

Video Links:

Questions or Registration: Feel free to send a message to  or

We look forward to exploring the depths of Human Design together with you!

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