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I co-authored a book named: Astrology Explained - Ancient Principles for the Modern Mind. (also available in Dutch!)

This volume brings out astrological knowledge from ancient Sanskrit texts and presents it in an accessible and rational manner for the contemporary reader.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between these two eras and deliver a more profound understanding of notions commonly used in Western astrology, while providing new information.

In this volume, we bring the focus to the signs, planets, houses and aspects. Each element is interwoven with another and the explanations include cross-references to astronomy, psychology and anatomy.

Throughout the pages, technical information is overlaid with personal commentary, derived from extensive astrological study and practice. The tables, graphs and example charts make the astrological journey visually-appealing and easy to follow.

The book is worth buying because more than providing a solid fundamental knowledge of astrology, it helps the person identify the vulnerabilities and core challenges in a chart. In short, it is a precious tool for self-exploration and development.

The ancient astrological science of India is called Jyotisha, also referred to as 'Hindu astrology' or the more popular term 'Vedic astrology'. 

Vedic astrology is a 'spiritual science' that assumes the law of karma, which means 'action'. Accordingly, all human beings' actions and intentions influence their future, which results in an extremely complex reality. The fact of karma is intricately associated with the idea of rebirth and Vedic astrology is based on this metaphysical point of view: the soul is cruising on an evolutionary journey through a series of reincarnations which are determined by all its previous actions.


Vedic astrology is considered predictive in nature. The planetary periods or ‘dashas' (of which there are many) used by Vedic astrologers can be quite an effective tool for timing when the good or ill effects of a particular time period will come to fruition. 


Astrology, among many other divinatory practices, can be highly effective in alleviating suffering by gradually dismantling the clinging of the ego. It can be a powerful tool for revealing a person's talents and give deep insights into an individual's psychological make up. Astrology can also be a great tool for addressing practical, worldly matters such as *Education and intelligence, *Career, *Finances,*Worldly success through fame and money, *Relationships (sex, marriage, compatibility), Real estate affairs,

*Children (how many, happiness with children), 

*Health, *Spiritual potential, *Occult matters, etc.


My role as the astrologer is to interpret the astrological symbols in the client's horoscope to the best of my abilities; to detect and lay out the karmic tendencies indicated and to provide the necessary guidance based on the assessment.

It is my goal to help the client understand their core complexes indicated by the unique arrangement of planets in the horoscope. 

Astrology is one of the many disciplines which can help us become more fulfilled in life but it's certainly not the path for everyone. Once the diagnosis is made it is totally up to the client to accept it and work with it or leave it.

Thank you.

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