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Astrology is deriving meaning from astronomical observation through interpreting symbols represented by signs, houses and planets. Human Design relies on Astrology and other ancient traditions such as the I Ching, Vedic Chakra system and Tree of Life to provide decision-making strategies based on the body consciousness.














I see the Astrological chart as a field of imagination and reflection, allowing access into the foundation of our psychological structure. Human Design is a dualistic system, where the chart reveals a design side, which is the uncoscious including the body, and the personality side, which is the mind. These two are synthethised into the Body Graph which displays 9 centers, 64 gates, 36 channels and 4 variables.







Together, the client and the astrologer/HD analyst seek to find meaning in the symbols of the horoscope and read the Human Design script.

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The astrology readings are centered around your questions and are digitally recorded via Zoom.

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