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Astrology is deriving meaning from astronomical observation through interpreting symbols represented by the astrological signs, houses and planets. 


My approach consists of counselling within the setting of a traditional chart reading.

I see the horoscope as a field of imagination and reflection, allowing access into the foundation of our psychological structure.

Together, the client and the astrologer seek to find meaning in the symbols of the horoscope. The client is the ultimate authority on their own 'soul-image'. The astrologer translates the symbolic language of the chart and knows how to fit the symbolic meaning into the context of the client's life experience. 

I will suggest a range of possible manifestations for each pattern in the horoscope, and then ask the client to share their personal experience related to that pattern. In fact, the client 'explains' their chart to me rather than the other way around. In that process I am connecting the experiences to the archetypal realm via the symbols in the chart. We each contribute to the story, and by the end of our discussion, we both have a sense of how the symbols live and breathe in the person's life. 

I offer 5 types of astrological services. 

Fees vary according to the time required to examine your specific questions.

I analyse questions people ask me thoroughly, so please allow some time for scheduling a Zoom session up to several days or weeks in advance.

The astrology readings are centered around your questions and are digitally recorded via Zoom.

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